About Action Surveying

Action Surveying has collected an enormous amount of survey information and recorded plats for greater Houston and surrounding areas, which expedites our work and assures our clients prompt service. We have established contact for access to all additional documents that might be needed.

We have all the National Flood Insurance Maps on file for the above mentioned counties and provide elevation certificates for properties in the 100-year flood zone (FEMA).

surveyor-001Action Surveying is committed to providing professional and relationship-based surveying services to our clients. In addition to technical qualifications, our strength lies in the commitment we will maintain to your project, our highly qualified staff, and the ability to meet your project schedule on time and on budget. Our team believes in sustainable design and working with the public and stakeholders on all projects in order to create a safe and visibly pleasing final product. Whether you need to have a boundary line staked or are developing a major subdivision, we have the knowledge, skills, and determination to get your project moving and completed.


Action Surveying provides a comprehensive range of surveying and geomatics services to define land boundaries and address spatial data for innumerable features on, above, and under the earth’s surface. Across the city of Houston, we develop this crucial information for our clients through traditional surveying, geodesy, digital mapping, global positioning systems and geographic information systems.

Our professional services are scientifically based and precise, while involving conscientious and caring dedication to client desires for project success. With a firm foundation in traditional surveying practices in a wide variety of projects, Action Surveying use and utilization of current technologies, equipment and software assures a high degree of accuracy, compatibility with other consultants, and project streamlining.

We've been serving Brazoria, Galveston, Fort Bend, and Harris Counties for over 30 years. Satisfied customers is our goal. Our certified surveying team strives to produce an accurate survey that meets all our customers' needs. Please call us today (713) 941-8600 and let us know how we can help you.

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