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      Welcome to Action Surveying

      Action Surveying is a small business with big expectations for ourselves and for our clients. We have collected an enormous amount of survey information and recorded plats for greater Houston and surrounding areas, which expedites our work and assures our clients prompt service. We have established contacts for access to all additional documents that might be needed. 

      Action Surveying is committed to providing professional and relationship-based surveying services to our clients. In addition to technical qualifications, our strength lies in the commitment we will maintain to your project, our highly qualified staff, and the ability to meet your project schedule on time and on budget. Our team believes in sustainable design and working with the public and stakeholders on all projects in order to create a safe and visibly pleasing final product. Whether you need to have a boundary line staked or are developing a major subdivision, we have the knowledge, skills, and determination to get your project moving and completed.

      We have all the National Flood Insurance Maps on file for the above mentioned counties and provide elevation certificates for properties in the 100-year flood zone (FEMA).

      We've been serving Brazoria, Galveston, Fort Bend and Harris Counties for over 30 years. Satisfied customers is our goal. Our certified surveying team strives to produce an accurate survey that meets all our customers' needs. Please call us today and let us know how we can help you.

      When is a Survey Advisable?

      • Before a boundary dispute arises when there is uncertainty of property location.
      • Before designing or the construction of major improvements such as buildings, roads, fences, landscaping, pools, etc.
      • Before land is bought, sold, segregated, or subdivided.

      Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
      24 hr Call Out Service

      Payment method: Discover, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, All Major Credit Cards, Check
      3% will be added for credit card payments

      UAS Drones

      Aerial Mapping
      Action Surveying uses variety of Panomapic, mapping drones that will map your site, property, or structure. Our drones collect a series of overlapping images, which are then orthorectified and stitched together to form one cohesive map. Resolutions down to just a few centimeters per pixel are possible, giving you unparalleled detail for your project.

      Reliable Drones

      Fully-Licensed UAS Drone Pilots
      We tailor-make each flight plan in order to consistently deliver excellent results while performing all tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

      Site Maps
      By combining ground points with our high-resolution mapping drones, we can provide maps with accuracies to 2cm. Our GIS professional will convert the data from our mapping drones into a customized site map.

      Accurate Drones

      High Resolution Cameras
      Our drones can provide resolutions as good at several centimeters per pixel. Using GPS equipped ground control points we can provide maps that are accurate up to two centimeters. GCPs collect GPS data which are then post-processed and differentially corrected.

      Land Surveying Services

      ALTA/ACSM Survey

      A boundary survey and drawing (plat) which meets the requirements of ALTA (American Land Title Association) and the ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) and incorporates review of the Title Search provided. ALTA surveys are typically required for the purchase or sale of commercial property. The final ALTA survey will reflect the minimum standards as outlined in Table A as provided by the client.

      As-Built Survey

      A survey performed after construction to show the pre-existing and new improvements.

      Boundary Survey

      This survey reestablishes boundaries of a parcel using its legal description. All property corners are either found or set and are displayed on a drawing (plat) along with all the permanent structures, above-ground utilities and any encroachments.

      Commercial Survey

      This encompasses surveys performed on properties zoned commercial or industrial.


      If the county requires a plat to develop or subdivide your property, we can assist in the approval process from the beginning to end. The process begins with an on the ground survey and ends with the recordation of your plat in the county records. We will follow county and city municipal codes and regulations to ensure approval of your plat.

      FEMA Elevation Certificate

      An elevation certificate is an official form of the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA). A survey for a Flood Elevation Certificate provides verification of the elevation data of a structure and the Base Flood Elevation (established on FEMA maps) on a given property relative to the ground level. This information is used in the flood insurance rating process and could lower insurance costs.

      Form Survey

      The staking of structure or addition to ensure footprint is in correct proposed location and meets Municipality setback requirements.

      Line Staking

      The property corners are located and stakes are placed along property lines to act as a visual marker when fencing is erected or when landscaping is modified. No drawing (plat) is provided.

      Land Title Survey

      Determines land boundaries with locations of buildings, above-ground utilities, fences, driveways and possible encroachments and is shown on a drawing (plat).

      Site Plan

      A Site Plan is a pre-construction drawing (plat) that shows the location of existing improvements, the proposed house or building, driveway and other improvements. It includes a Boundary Survey, Topographical Survey, Tree Location Survey and a Grading Plan according to County requirements.

      Topographical Survey

      Surveys which measure the elevation points on a particular piece of land and are shown by contour lines and dimensions on a drawing (plat).

      Tree Location Survey

      A survey pinpointing the location and diameter of trees. This drawing (plat) is then utilized by the Municipality’s Arborist to determine the removal and replacement of trees impacted by the proposed construction.

      Customer Comments

      Oct, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      Responsive Great Service

      Thank you for all your help Destiny.

      Maureen D., Webster, 77598

      Jul, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      We had a wonderful experience with Action Surveying. They were very professional and their service was prompt, precise and reasonably priced. I recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again. Thank you Action Surveying!

      Antonio F.

      Jun, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      Ben and his team did and outstanding job with the surveying of our church property. They were very knowledgeable with the process of filing the survey to the City, County, and State. Thank you for keeping us informed every step of the way and the...

      Rodney J.

      Apr, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      I'm giving them a five star for convenience and how quick they got everything done for me in surveying the house and getting the survey copies. And was very knowledgeable and even went further and beyond with the original copy of the subdivision...

      Lynda H., Pearland, TX

      Mar, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      Action Surveying is my go to for the Houston Area Metroplex. I have worked with Action on multiple projects, big and small. Action Surveying was quick, precise, and all around better than any other company I had found. They are quick to respond to...

      Luke H.

      Mar, 2017 |
      Action Surveying | FIRM# 10133600

      I had a very positive experience with Action Surveying. They were very communicative, attentive, and professional. They got my survey done quickly and the final product was great. Would definitely recommend. Great value.

      Richelle R.

      (713) 941-8600
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